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Established in 1990, AUTOTECHNA is a private trader of car spare-parts and accessories. AUTOTECHNA shop in Zvolen was apparently the first private car spare-parts shop in Slovakia. We are a leading supplier and distributor of branded spare parts to both retail and wholesale. We supply spare parts for all types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

AUTOTECHNA BARÁNEK s.r.o. is enagaged in retail and wholesale of spare parts for cars, spare parts for motorcycles, clothing and tools. AUTOTECHNA also sells equipment and accessories for racers.


There are more than 100 full-time employees working for the company. AUTOTECHNA’s main ambition is to provide high quality, professional, and prompt services to its customers, and to tirelessly keep expanding our range of products and our network of retail shops.

Our sales team is always happy to advise, search for the required part in the catalogue.